Tuesday, August 16, 2005

D Speaks

At 16:47PM EST on 16AUG2005, D resurfaced.....

dmmoreno: for the love of dial up
dmmoreno: no cable modem til next tuesday
SOCOMBandit: u are alive!!!!!
SOCOMBandit: sweet. Is it warm down there?
dmmoreno: f**k yeah it is
SOCOMBandit: lol
dmmoreno: its hot like sun is closer down here...
dmmoreno: You sweat from every pore in your body

Glad to see you made it down there ok D. Look out for those pesky hurricanes.... and the retired drivers. I can only imagine the horror that is a passing lane down there. People looking through the steering wheel, white knuckling and going 20 mph under the limit. It makes me think of a Soprano's scene that has stuck in my head. Tony's mother is dropping a friend off at her house after Bingo or something like that and accidentally floors it and nails her old lady friend. I laughed at that scene as I was momentarily horrified. That old lady bounced onto the hood, into the windshield and then onto the pavement. Crazy old people drivers. Then there is the South Park episode where they try to revoke their licenses. Another classic. This is what I imagine DNasty dealing with on a daily basis now that he is in the land of retirees. Good luck D. Work on those defensive driving skills or buy a beater land yacht to compete.

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