Thursday, August 18, 2005

Missed the Action

Catching up on GCox25's blog, I see that I missed some fun last night. I was having some non poker fun, but it was still sad to read this morning that I missed a lot of poker hijinks, especially the hammer that DoubleAs dropped on Jordan!

Instead of participating in the wonderful world of AK (see hammer link) and KK (halfway down the post) suckouts, I was at an Indians game. It was fantastic. The Tribe lost, and had only two hits through 8 innings (when I left). Who cares? The Yankees won giving them another game lead on the tribe in the Wild Card Race. Fine by me.

Why the lackadaisical attitude Josh?

Glad you asked, let me e'splain why. I was living like the rich people live. This was my first experience in the Jacob Field Club Seats. It was a like a fat guy baseball fan's dream. Vendors prowling the aisles tossing out free CrackerJack, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Soda, Popsicles, Peanuts... you name it. This was on top of the meal I had inside a very nice restaurant club area. A cheeseburger, fries, and a gyro. There was pizza, ice cream, Italian Pasta bar. All Included. It was a weird experience. I have done the all inclusive thing before, my honeymoon was on an all inclusive resort in Aruba, but this was just weird! I am so used to getting gouged but the ballpark prices, I ate till it hurt because it was FREE! So, the Tribe stunk up the joint but I did not care as I consumed a soft pretzel with cheese dip, crackerjack, and whatever the hell else they were throwing at us. For spending 0.00 dollars, it was a fantastic evening capped off by a nice traffic free ride home from Cleveland.

It is tough to explain or even write about the joys of riding at night or riding in general. Riding home from the game around 9:30 last night was nice. I had on an open face helmet and the temperature was cool, but not cold. I could smell all of the things that you miss caged in your car with the windows up and the AC on. Wildflowers, honeysuckle, wood burning smoke, fresh cut grass, name it. I kept a pretty quick pace getting out of town and eventually settled into a nice cruising speed once out of the confines of the city. I took some back roads and the long way once I was off the highway and was very happy and relaxed by the time I pulled into the driveway a couple minutes after 10. I thought about firing up the pc and seeing who was on, but I was pretty tired and needed to get some time in with the Mrs. to appease her. I figured that I would not be on top of my game and I need to be with this bunch!

Perhaps tonight I will be able to get my record to .500 or better.


kipper said...

Darn I am jealous. There is nothing better than a tribe game!

Last year I got to do the same thing as you and it was a blast. Free food. I just jumped out of my seat and grabbed a hot dog, ice cream, pizza, etc. Was a blast.

This year for my birthday wife got me me ticket and we stayed overnight. We stayed at the Residence Inn. It was within walking distance so after the fireworks we just took a 5 minute walk and we were in out hotel room! Fun Stuff

GaryC said...

The only thing better would have been if I was there, watching MY Rangers lay the wood to the Indians. I was there in spirit, watching the whole thing on TV, while playing poker.

See you tonight.


TripJax said...

After two days of being "down with the sickness", I think I'm ready for a game. Why don't we get our game on tonight?!

HighOnPoker said...

Steeler, you make me want to buy a motorcycle. Well done sir.